Did you know that in a deregulated state like NY, PA or TX, you have over 100 plan options from dozens of suppliers?
As rates keep changing, it can be hard to figure out which plan is best for you. »

Let us find the best electric supplier for you!

Our goal is to serve as an unbiased guardian of your interests.
We do not represent, partner with, or get paid by any of the suppliers.

  • Customized

    Our service finds the best plan for you, by learning your preferences and analyzing all of the rate plans available to you through your utility.


    The awesome part is that we'll monitor the changing rates and whenever it makes sense for you to switch again, we'll do that on your behalf!


    Using our service can help you save hundreds of dollars per year and you don't have to think about your electric rates ever again.

CMU logo We're a team of Carnegie Mellon computer scientists and MBA graduates. We developed our technology during four years of PhD research at the university's machine learning department. We use statistical artificial intelligence and behavioral game theory to predict the best match between consumers and rate plans. »
Our mission is to help consumers reap the benefits of deregulated markets
by becoming active technology-enabled decision makers in the Smart Grid.

We're radically improving how American homes buy electricity!